The Hidden Castle Tour Vallunga

"E-Bike Discovery: Explore the beauty of Val Gardena and Vallunga effortlessly, admiring the majestic mountain walls and the ruins of “Ciastel de Val” from unique perspectives!"

The guided E-bike tour starting from Ortisei offers a relaxing experience through the picturesque Val Gardena and the charming Vallunga. With a difficulty level classified as easy, this itinerary is accessible to cyclists of all skill levels.
While riding through Vallunga, participants will have the opportunity to admire the vertical mountain walls that surround the valley, creating a spectacular backdrop. In the distance, the ruins of "Ciastel de Val" can be spotted, adding a historical and mysterious touch to the route.
With the E-bikes, it's easy to explore the natural and historical beauties of the area, immersing oneself in the magnificent Vallunga and enjoying a stress-free half-day of cycling.

Minimum age: 14 years
Bike rental is not included!

  • Length 22 km
  • Difference of altitude 600 hm
  • Duration 8 hours
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