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magic guided tours to be enjoyed right in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage landscape

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If the Mountain Bike is your preferred indulgence then here in the Dolomites there is the opportunity to live adrenaline pumping times!

HERO TRAILS cover, with just occasional variations, the tracks of the mythical Südtirol Sellaronda HERO with a choice of 70 different Trails! 70 adrenaline-pumping experiences to be enjoyed alone or with your friends in the company of an experienced local guide. Besides showing you the great natural beauty of the area, our guide will also give you a couple of tips on MTB technique!

You will be given a bike-pass to be used on the lifts and you will have the chance to stop for lunch in a mountain restaurant serving the world known South Tyrol cuisine specialties! Furthermore to the HERO Trails package you can add the hire of a Specialized MTB, just choose if you want a Hardtail, a Fully or an Enduro...if you are riding in one of the top MTB area, you absolutely need an exclusive bike!

Bookable from 17th June to 24th September 2023

  • Day tour -
    Price SuperSummer Card: € 56,00
  • 4 day HERO Trail Package/3 HERO Trails, Dolomiti Supersummer Pass -
    Price SuperSummer Card: € 120,00
  • 7 day HERO Trail Package/3 HERO Trails, Dolomiti Supersummer Pass -
    Price SuperSummer Card: € 160,00




Guides lead

They will lead you safely on the trails, choosing easier or harder ones depending on your biking skills


Guides explain

They will explain the territory you are biking on and give you a glimpse into the history, culture and traditions of the Dolomites


Guides teach

They will teach you how to bike and take on mountain paths, especially downhill


Guides help

They will help you if your mountain bike has a technical or mechanical issue


Guides rescue

They will rescue you in case of an accident: sometimes you fall. That should not stop your excursion

And, as a last reminder: guides will guide you!


Mountain biking in the Sellaronda area is an incredible experience, though being relatively young, MTB activities in Val Gardena are known for being incredibly innovative and well organized. In 2007 the first of many trails was created and already in 2010 the first edition of the Südtirol Sellaronda HERO took place! Things here run fast and this event has become a benchmark at world level for MTB races. Our aim and mission is to develop and organize tours showing the full extent of the beauty, culture and cuisine of this extraordinary territory.

HERO Marathon

Arriva il giorno in cui la vita di biker non sarà più la stessa

The Race

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